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Poland For Digital Nomads

Poland has become one of the best locations for Digital Nomads for me. Here is an overview what is so special about Poland.

I knew Poland from travels years ago, so I was excited to live here for a while as a Nomad in Summer. Poland is member of the European Union, but never changed it’s currency to Euro. The situation makes it quite cheap for someone with foreign earned money.


(5 / 5)

The common international websites like Airbnb are based on Polish standards quite expensive.

On the following local websites you can find more and cheaper rooms and apartments:

For 400 Dollar you can get a furnished 2-room apartment with kitchen in Poznań in a central location. Starting at 100 Dollar you can get a room in shared apartment.


(3 / 5)

You can get around with English and using a translation app, partially with German and even Spanish. Outside of bigger cities and touristic regions, menus will be more often only available on Polish. I recommend to learn a few common polish phrases and words.

Traffic connection

(4 / 5)

There are a few airport with lowcost carriers avaiable with flights from a lot of European countries. The most important airports are in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań and Lublin.

Low cost carriers in Poland:

An example of a flight inside of Poland booked 2 weeks before departurefor overall 13 Dollar:

Poland Ryanair flight

Poland has a good train network, a 4h 45Min long train ride you can get for 16 Dollar:

Poland ICCC PKP Intercity

At you can search for train connections inside of Poland.

Polskibus is a bus company that connects different countries in Europe. A 3 hour ride for 6 Dollar:

Poland Polskibus

Uber is available in Poland, the minimum price is at 10 Zly, around 2.50 Dollar.


(5 / 5)

You have to use common sense when it comes to safety. The biggest problem here might be car theft, which should not be a problem for most Nomads anyway.

Life costs

(5 / 5)


(5 / 5)

The quality of food in Poland is above average. There are a few local specialities, different kind of meat and variations of sour soups. Some of them are also available in more eastern countries with a few variations. I was surprised when I discovered the available meat in a LIDL supermarket. I never saw such a selection of minced meat in a shop like this: minced meat from chicken, Beef, Pig, Beef/Pig mixed and even Turkey!

International food is available as well, especially when it comes to meat based dishes like burgers. Thai food is available as well, but you might not get what you imagine, don’t expect a red curry to be red 😀

A lot of shops and supermarkets are open on Sundays as well!

Poland has a long time vodka tradition, it’s worth to check out different types. Nowadays there is even good local wine that has surprised me with it’s good quality. You should try a local wine of the Johanniter grape variety.


(5 / 5)

The Internet in Poland is not just fast (real 100 to 1000 MBit are not that uncommon) but also cheap.

Some examples of a few providers and their monthly prices:

  • inea – 1000 MBit for 34 Dollar
  • orange – 600 MBit for 26 Dollar
  • vectra – 150 MBit for 14 Dollar

Mobile Internet

(5 / 5)

Similar to the internet in apartments, the mobile internet is well developed.


(3 / 5)

The summer can reach temperatures up to 25 Degrees, the winter can get quite cold and with snowfall, especially in the eastern and southern mountain region.

Places to work from

(5 / 5)

There are a lot of Coworking Spaces and Cafés available where you can work from.


(5 / 5)

The level of entertainment in Poland is on a normal good level. There are enough clubs, bars, leisure options, festivals and other events where you can have fun.

Political Situation

(4 / 5)

The political situation is a bit tense right now, the democracy in Poland has seen better times. As a Nomad you will not be impacted by that right now.

Selection of cities


BerlinExpress offers a shuttle service from the center and airports of Berlin to Poznań for 30 Dollar.

Excursion destinations

If you have your homebase in Poland you can discover different kind of Regions in Poland:

Northeastern is the location of the Masures, a special natural landscape with a lot of lakes and forests.

In the east of Poland you can find the Białowieża national park, Europes last primeval forest in which you can find even Bisons.

In the south of Poland the Carpartes begin, high mountains that reach until the south eastern of Europe.

Extra info

It is not allowed to consumer alcohol on the street outside of restaurants.


Poland is Schengen member, if you have a passport of one of the Schengen countries you do not require a Visa. Befor the end of 3 months living in Poland you have to register in the local registration office (Urzad Meldunkowy).


(4.5 / 5)

Poland has become my favorite country in Europe to spend the summer in. Living here is cheap, the country is well developed and has a lot to offer.

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