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Hi, nice to see you here! My name is Cornel. I decided to quit my job in autumn 2016 and the lease for my apartment. From January the 1st of 2017 on I am traveling with my backpack around the world. I own a company and work location independent.

In the time before I became a digital nomad I have lived in different regions in Germany, therefor being a nomad already. Most of my belongings are sold or given away to friends. I am living now out of backpack that fits into hand luggage of an airplane. Not having many possession means that I do not much to worry about.

On different travels I learned a lot about myself and other cultures. I saw the sunset in Finisterra at the end of walking the Way of St. James, I was in the middle of a big earthquake in Nepal in 2015 near Everest Base Camp. When I came back to Nepal a year later, a cow attacked me in the middle of the road. There have been many special moments already.

While I was traveling with a backpack I learned what it means to carry everything you need to live with you around. Especially when you are trekking, every single kilogram or pound counts that you have less to carry around.

My first contact with good wine was in Spain while I was walking the Way of St. James. Year later in Berlin I met people at wine-tastings that are more serious about wine. In the meantime I finished a qualification in that area: Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 2. The topic of wine has become a further passion of mine besides traveling and IT.